Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Booker Prize 2011

Congratulations to Julian Barnes for winning the Booker Prize last night for The Sense of an Ending.

Already Random House have announced a 75,000 copy reprint and if you are a member of the RNIB you can borrow the book in giant print, braille or audiobook.

However, you cannot read it in 'large print' (16 point) because no one has published a large print edition.

It stands to reason that of those who cannot read one of the 75,000 books currently being printed, more would be able to read large print than braille; more people need large print rather than giant print (24 point); people who can still read prefer reading to listening.

Why don't Random House do their own large print edition? In the USA Random House have a very good large print imprint.