Monday, 29 April 2013

The Quick Reads Accessibility Guide

Quick Reads for the Visually Impaired

The six Quick Read's titles released for this years World Book day are now available in Large Print. The books are all in 16 point font size and are designed especially to appeal to emergent readers. All the books are listed below and now available from Large Print Bookshop.

A Sea Change - Veronica Henry

Jenna enjoys her job selling ice creams by the sea. Then one hot summer’s day, everything changes and Jenna faces the most difficult decision of her life. Craig spends as much time as he can at the beach hut in Everdene he rents with a few of his mates. It’s the perfect break from his stressful job, and he loves to surf. But one weekend he notices a girl on the beach, for all the wrong reasons.

Paperback £9.95

Love is Blind - Kathy Lette

When Jane decides to move to the Australian outback in search of a husband, her sister Anthea thinks she’s mad. The sisters have never seen eye-to-eye: Anthea is slim, beautiful and has a perfect life and fiancĂ©. Jane has always felt like the ugly duckling. But when Anthea tries to save Jane from this latest crazy plan, she ends up taking a walk on the wild side herself…

Paperback £9.95

Today Everything Changes - Andy McNab

Abandoned as a baby, Andy McNab grew up in South London with foster parents, and poverty all around him. Andy attended seven schools in as many years, disillusioned and in remedial classes. It wasn’t long before his life was one of petty crime. By the age of sixteen, he was in juvenile detention. But six months in the Army education system was to change the now bestselling author’s life forever.

Paperback £9.95

Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift - Mike Tucker

The world is on the brink of crisis. As fuel runs short, society begins to break down. One man seems to have the answer. But is it too good to be true? The Doctor arrives at an old oil refinery near the South Pole, concerned by claims about this new form of energy. He soon discovers something huge and terrifying is stalking the refinery, bringing death and destruction in its wake.

Paperback £9.95

A Dreadful Murder - Minette Walters

Based on the true story of the shocking murder of Mrs Caroline Luard, which took place in Kent in August 1908: Caroline Luard is shot dead in broad daylight in the grounds of a large country estate. With few clues available, her husband soon becomes the suspect... but is he guilty?

Paperback £9.95

Wrong Time, Wrong Place - Simon Kernick

Have you ever been in the wrong place at the wrong time? You are hiking in Scotland with three friends when you come across a girl. She is half-naked, has been badly beaten, and she can’t speak English. She is clearly running away from someone. Do you stop to help her? Even if it means putting your friends’ lives, and your own, in terrible danger?

Paperback £9.95

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

New Large Print Books for April 2013

Large Print Books

New books for April - available now!

This month's titles include the hilarious Is It Just Me? from Miranda Hart which won the Non-fiction Book of the Year at the 2012 National Book Awards along with the first book in a new series by M. C. Beaton Minerva and a great new novel from Peter Mayle The Vintage Caper


Other highlights this month include the arrival in paperback of John Grisham's The Litigator and the canine adventures of Copper. All these and many more are available from the Large Print Bookshop.

New in hardback:

Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart

Is it just me or does anyone else find that adulthood offers no refuge from the unexpected horrors, peculiar lack of physical coordination and sometimes unexplained nudity, that accompanied childhood and adolescence? This is the award-winning stand-up and TV comedian's manual on how to navigate life's rocky path.

Hardback £19.99

The Vintage Caper - Peter Mayle

Danny Roth is the rich owner of a priceless collection of wines. He invites a journalist to write a piece about his rare collection and shortly afterwards is the unfortunate victim of a world-class wine heist. Roth is devastated. Called in by Roth's insurance company, lawyer and wine connoisseur Sam Levitt investigates...

Hardback £19.99             Other books by Peter Mayle

Minerva - M. C. Beaton

This is the first in a new series, The Six Sisters. Minerva, eldest daughter of an impecunious vicar, is dispatched to town under the wing of the disreputable old Lady Godolphin. Her task: to find a rich husband. When her London debut is marred by her habit of speaking her mind, the highly eligible Lord Sylvester Comfrey decides to give her lessons in the gentle art of attracting the opposite sex.

Hardback £19.99             Other books by M. C. Beaton

Now available in paperback:

The Litigators - John Grisham

Oscar Finley, Wally Figg and David Zinc make up Finley & Figg: specialists in injury claims, quickie divorces and DUIs (Driving Under the Influence). Now they are about to take on one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the States. David gave up his lucrative career at Chicago's leading law firm for the chance to help the little guy stand up to the big corporations.

Paperback £13.49             Other books by John Grisham

Copper: A Dog's Life - Annabel Goldsmith

A lovable local legend, Copper was no ordinary dog. Famed for his remarkable wanderlust, canine curiosity took him all over the place; sometimes travelling on buses, often stopping off at his favourite pubs, or chasing unsuspecting joggers in the park, a hobby which nearly ended his days. In this book, he tells us of his adventures.

Paperback £10.49

Raylan - Elmore Leonard

When Federal Marshall Raylan Givens squares off against a known offender he'll warn the man, 'If I have to pull my gun I'll shoot to kill.' Except this time he finds the offender naked in a bathtub, doped up and missing his kidneys. By the time Raylan finds out who's making the cuts, he's lying naked in a bathtub himself.

Paperback £13.49             Other books by Elmore Leonard

Younger Readers:


Deep Deep Down - Garrett Carr

Around a hidden lake in the mountains is a perfect place. The people there live long and contented lives. But not for much longer. Andrew, May and Ewan will destroy everything. Unless the mystery that awaits deep, deep down destroys them first...

Paperback £12.99             Other books by Garrett Carr