Friday, 4 January 2013

The Accessibility Guide to the Costa Book Awards 2012

The five category winners have just been announced.
Novel Award: The winner of the Costa Novel Award is Hilary Mantel for Bring Up the Bodies, the sequel to Wolf Hall.
The good news is that the large print edition of Bring Up the Bodies will be published (at long last) next month, priced £19.99. We will only put it on our website when publication is imminent, but if you want to be informed when it is available please send us an email here.
If you cannot wait, there is a marvellous unabridged audiobook available and you can find details here.
There is also a Kobo eBook available which you can find here.
If you don’t have an ereader we sell the brilliant Kobo Glo. For further guidance on reading Kobo ebooks on your laptop or tablet read our blog.
Incidentally if you want to read or listen to Wolf Hall before reading Bring Up the Bodies follow these links for large print, eBook or audio book editions.
First Novel Award: Francesca Segal has won this with The Innocents, which is available in large print and also as a Kobo eBook, but not as an audio book.
Biography Award: The judges have, for the first time, selected a graphic work, Dotter of her Father’s Eyes by Mary Talbot (illustrated by her husband Bryan). Although this is an interesting award it is a difficult format to produce for the visually impaired and it is no surprise that there is no large print, eBook or audio book edition.
Poetry Award: the poetry prize goes to Kathleen Jamie for The Overhaul. This is available as an eBook but not in large print or as an audio book.
Finally, the Children’s Book Award goes to Sally Gardner for Maggot Moon, which is available as an audio book but not as a large print title or as an eBook.